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Mini Bag
Unicorn raincoat

Mini unicorn waterproof pouch ideal for baby's belongings.

This adorable little pouch is not only very pretty with its unicorn motif, but it is also very practical with its waterproof lining.

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    1. Fully waterproof inner lining
    2. Use for multiple uses: to store your child's wet swimsuit, or to take his sandwich without fear of it spilling everywhere. But also for outings with the youngest, to store your dirty washable wipes, for an soiled body, or for you, for your washable sanitary napkins or washable nursing pads.
    3. Ce bag is ecological and economical, since it suffices to wash it and it will be clean again and ready for use.
    4. Its snap-button handle allowseasily hang on the stroller for example.
    1. Material: laminated polyester, fully waterproof
    2. Dimensions 15 * 22 cm
    3. Zipper
    4. Snap button handle
    5. Care: machine wash inside out, natural drying recommended.
    6. Do not iron. Do not use bleach