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Unicorn Shaped Mug

Original mug with its handle in the shape of a 3D Unicorn. Large capacity, you can enjoy your hot chocolate or your coffee majestically.

  • Material: porcelain ceramic

  • Capacity: 350 ml

  • Cup dimensions: height of 10 cm, width with handle included of 15 cm and diameter of 7 cm  

  • With handle in the shape of a 3D Unicorn

Vast collection of jewelry, games and accessories around the unicorn. Adopt a unicorn on your next office mug. Drinking your favorite drink with a unicorn is magic! Our collection of unicorn mugs is focused on quality materials and original designs. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover? The Unicorn-shaped Mug will make you enjoy your favorite drink. Also check out other mug ideas. One of the best known is the color changing mug. Our mug, saucer and spoon kit is the perfect set for unicorn fans. In the end, enjoy your favorite drink!