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Child's Unicorn Fleece Bathrobe

This unicorn-style fleece bathrobe will amaze any little girl with its hood featuring unicorn horn, mane, ears and eyes.

  • Material: Polyester

  • Fabric: flannel

  • Colors resistant to repeated washing

  • Side pockets

  • Hood with the horn, mane, ears and eyes of the unicorn

  • Hand wash or machine washable at 30º


All unicorn bathrobes are warm

Large collection of unicorn clothing. From size T2 to T12 for girls and from size XS to XL for girls and women. The unicorn will be able to fill all styles. Unicorn bathrobe for children (girl - boy) and adult (woman - man), stay warm after your bath. Depending on your need, choose a unicorn bathrobe or dressing gown. Synthetic or warm materials are available. And why not some pretty slippers to complete this dressing gown.