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Double bell unicorn alarm clock

Double bell unicorn alarm clock the favorite accessory of all unicorn fans for a gentle awakening.

The unicorn is reputed to be one of the most beloved animals by children. That's why this pretty unicorn alarm clock will be the ideal companion to help your child get up in a good mood every morning.

  • Material: metal
  • Shape: circular
  • Style: cartoon
  • Type: double bell clock with backlight
  • Display type: hands
  • night light

Unicorn alarm clock for children so that waking up in the morning rhymes with tenderness and pleasure every time.

Ce double bells unicorn alarm clockis an accessory multifunctional. In addition to telling you the time, it also acts as a alarm clockand night lightthanks to its backlight function. It has a double bells and displays a cute cartoon unicorn pattern inside and outside the dial. Available in 3 colours, it has both soft and lively tones that will bring freshness and a warm atmosphere to your bedside table.