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Unicorn Diaper Bag

Unicorn backpack for changing babies.

This baby changing bag is not just about style, it also offers multiple storage options. With its "unicorn" prints and kawaii look, it will delight mothers. A size suitable for walks or for a weekend. Perfect gift idea for a newborn baby.

    1. This bag is probably enough large for twins as there is enough space and pockets for all the essentials to change your baby. We have counted them and there are in fact 14 pockets in total. There are interior pockets, exterior pockets, zip pockets, elastic pockets, mesh pockets, bottle pockets and pretty much a pocket for everything.
    2. It can be worn in backpack. as handbag or hang from the stroller (clips not included).
    1. Material: nylon
    2. Waterproof
    3. Isothermal
    4. Adjustable straps
    5. Size 1: 23 (w) * 33 (h) * 15 (d) cm
    6. Size 2: 26 (w) * 40 (h) * 17 (d) cm
    1. Large storage capacity

      With its large size, you take everything you need for baby. For example: 3 bottles, 1 box of powdered milk, 5 to 7 diapers, clothes, a diaper, some toys, your papers and your phone.
    2. Plenty of pockets for baby's belongings

      Inside, several compartments have been created to find things to change, clothes or food. Its exterior pockets give you quick access to everything baby needs without completely opening the bag such as bottles. A pocket on the back is also provided to store your accessories and smartphone.
    3. Waterproof and insulated bag

      An accident happens so quickly! Waterproof and machine washable. Its front pocket is insulated to keep your bottles warm.