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Unicorn who dab

Unicorn Dab T-shirt Woman

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Unicorn Dab Child Rug

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Unicorn Dab Socks

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Unicorn Dab Decal

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  • It's no secret that the character of the Unicorn Who Dab has become extremely popular in recent years. It is found everywhere and in all styles, from the child's bedroom to the shower curtain. This is to say if it has invaded our daily life. But what is Dab, where does it come from and how did it meet the unicorn universe? A Unicorn tells you everything.

    Dab is a dance move

    It is commonly believed that Dab is a dance movement from Atlanta, and more specifically from the rap group Migos. This small movement involves placing your face in the crease of the elbow and pointing the sky in the opposite direction with both arms parallel. Dab was then popularized by certain athletes, such as basketball player Dee Brown in 1991. More recently, footballer Paul Pogba and Usain Bolt have seized on this choreographic movement which has become a symbol of victory, self-confidence and " cool attitude ".

    The unicorn and the dab

    How did the Unicorn come to Dabber? There is not really clear and reliable information on the why and when of this real phenomenon. The fantastic and imaginary universe of the Unicorn seemed a priori quite distant from that of Dab, well anchored in reality. At Un Licorne, we still have a few hypotheses. As said before, Dab has become synonymous with cool, self-confidence, and by extension a universal message, bearer of hope and possibility. We Dab to express our present joy and our confidence in the future. However, the Unicorn perfectly embodies these values. With its mysterious and legendary aura, its magical powers, it symbolizes a magical universe filled with happiness, a magical world where anything is possible, and it gives us confidence in ourselves and in others. Eventually, it was almost inevitable that the Unicorn would meet the Dab!

    The unicorn who dabs nowadays

    Whether people appreciate the symbolism or just the aesthetics, they are looking for the Unicorn who Dab in all their everyday objects. The unicorn is generally associated with children, even more precisely with little girls, but the message of the Unicorn who Dab is universal and is aimed at young and old alike, both men and women. This is why at Une Licorne we offer you a varied collection of products, each as nice as the next and which will undoubtedly wake up the Unicorn in you!