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Unicorn jewelry

  • To enhance outfits, luxury brands such as jewelry designers give women's watches & jewelry a central place in their collections. Also discover the collection of unicorn earrings. A jewelry reflects a style and brings a unique elegance. 
  • Unicorn watches and jewelry for kids and adults

    Discover beautiful unicorn jewelry creations. Simple or sophisticated watches, sleek or sparkling bracelets; the combinations of jewelry are endless. You can pair a unicorn watch with your best blouse or give your daughter a pink and rainbow unicorn pendant. The materials also impose a style. Steel ring, silver bracelet or gold earrings we strive to find unique unicorn jewelry. We love stones and pearls which are illustrated with a lot of style but especially unique like the unicorn. Welcome to our unicorn jewelry and watchmaking store!

  • Watches and jewelry in a feminine or more "girly" style

    Which unicorn fashion to adopt? The unicorn is a style for adults and a magical world for children. For mom, a simple reminder of a small unicorn pendant but for a girl a candy pink watch to compare with her friends. In addition, the larger the necklace, the more discreet the earrings should be. The reverse also applies with long drop earrings or an XXL single earring. This is why you can use the scoop necklines.