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Baby unicorn shoes

Little baby shoes in the shape of a unicorn head.

Soft shoes to help baby take their first steps. Sneakers are brilliant to complete a unicorn outfit.

  • Main material: synthetic material and fabric
  • Outsole: fabric
  • Iridescent finish
  • True to size
Size Length Outsole Length Insole length
0-6 months 11 cm 11 cm 10.5 cm
7-12 months 12 cm 12 cm 11.5 cm
12-18 months 13 cm
13 cm 12.5 cm

Shiny shoes for toddlers.

This adorable pair of sneakers decorated with a little unicorn face will be ideal for surprising the future birth to dad or family. It will then be the first pair of baby shoes. Imagine her cute little toes in it, isn't it too cute?

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