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Pixel Art Unicorn Dab

by Marion-Robert on October 23, 2019

Pixel Art Unicorn Dab - unicorn

Draw an adorable Dab Unicorn with this easy Pixel Art template.

Unicorns who dab have invaded our daily lives to bring us a dose of "cool attitude" and self-confidence. A very common activity is to easily draw unicorns that dab by coloring one by one of the small squares that will form the pattern: this is Pixel Art. In addition to the result obtained, it is a very relaxing pastime for children and adults. Concentrated only on coloring, the mind rests and relaxes. A healthy activity for the whole family. In addition, Pixel Art requires inexpensive materials that are easily found in any store: small squares and felt-tip pens or colored pencils. Drawing dab unicorns in pixel art will be the perfect activity for a rainy Wednesday! 

Here is a very popular Unicorn Dab Pattern in Pixel Art. To your pencils! 

pixel art unicorn dab

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