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Unicorn Rings

Gothic Unicorn Ring

€14,90 EUR

Unicorn Child Ring

€11,90 EUR

Unicorn Women Ring

€19,90 EUR

Blue Unicorn Ring

€11,90 EUR

Unicorn Emoji Ring

€15,90 EUR

Gold Unicorn Ring

€18,90 EUR

Unicorn Head Ring

€14,90 EUR

Unicorn Zircon Ring

€24,90 EUR
  • This collection of rings completes our universe of unicorn jewelry. A complete universe of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and badges only dedicated to the unicorn. Each jewelry collection includes models for girls or women.
  • Child unicorn ring

    Adjustable or tailor-made rings for little girls or teenage girls. You can choose a ring set with a fine stone for a chic side for your already tall girl! Or plus size, multicolored fancy to show off your love of unicorns.

  • Unicorn ring for women

    Several models of unicorn rings are fine and chic and can be worn with taste while reflecting your unicorn style: engagement unicorn ring, gold unicorn ring or cubic zirconia unicorn ring for example.

  • What materials for unicorn rings?

    Several materials are available: rings in stainless steel, solid silver or enamel. Some are set with zirconium oxide, a gemstone as hard-wearing and shiny as diamond. Other rings use multicolored stones.

    What Colors Are Available For A Formal Unicorn Ring?

    The colors around the jewelry are the silver aspect, the yellow gold, rose gold or bronze plated style. For the universe of the unicorn we find rainbow colors, pink or blue for example.

    What size unicorn ring to choose?

    It is quite easy to choose your ring size either by referring to the finger size chart provided when choosing the ring. Other models have directly adjustable rings.