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Unicorn Belt Bag

Shiny Unicorn Banana

€15,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn

€12,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn True

€21,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn Girl

€17,00 EUR

Pink Unicorn Banana

€14,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn Plush

€16,00 EUR

Banana Unicorn Stars

€14,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn Cat

€24,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn Llama

€14,90 EUR

Banana Unicorn Emoji

€14,90 EUR
  • Large selection of banana-shaped bags. For girls and unicorn fans. To discover a complete range of unicorn bags and accessories. Let's show off the unicorn trend! 
  • Unicorn fanny pack for kids and adults

    It is women, girls and mothers who set the trend. The banana has its place in our dressing room. A banana can be stylish and practical. Your style will be highlighted with glitter models. If they keep a sporty identity with their zipper and clip fastener, the canvas banana can be covered with prints and neat details for more femininity. Among the flagship pieces, we retain the rectangular, round or flat shapes. The plush, sequins, canvas or leather materials are to be chosen according to your style.

  • A Unicorn Banana if not nothing

    In plush, canvas, sequins or a little offbeat, we adopt the unicorn banana pouch. You can carry your fanny pack on the shoulder; the more casual way is to carry it in the hand like a clutch, or by wrapping the belt around your wrist like a wrist strap. The curved shape can be worn on the shoulder. For the extra flat model, we prefer to carry it by hand. Proudly show off your new bag and the kawaii unicorn style. Our unicorn bananas are colorful with original patterns. A black, pink banana ... a flying unicorn motif, emoji ... each his own!