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Unicorn plush toys

Fluffy Unicorn Plush

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Unicorn plush
Plump Gray

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Cat Unicorn Plush

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Unicorn plush
Pink Doll

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Unicorn plush

€59,90 EUR

Unicorn plush

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Unicorn plush

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Unicorn plush

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Big Teddy Unicorn Plush

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Unicorn plush

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  • Soft toys are essential toys to help baby discover his new world and develop his senses. From birth, he will adopt a blanket and a soft toy that will follow him throughout his childhood to reassure him at all times. For games or for decoration, soft toys are adorable for the nursery and comforting softness for a child. Whether for yourself or to make a gift, let yourself be carried away in the magical world of the unicorn!
  • Toys and soft toys for baby's awakening

    These unicorn baby soft toys can be a gift for a birth. The small unicorn soft toys allow baby to hold him in his arms. The cuddly toys are made of soft material and often in pastel colors which calms baby and helps them to fall asleep. For both girls and boys, the most fun will be to find him a unicorn plush name

    One of the first requests from parents on soft toys is to find THE unicorn soft toy that will accompany their child from his first months of life, or even his first weeks. And we understand them, unicorns are so beautiful, symbols of purity and innocence, that we inevitably want one of these magnificent creatures to watch over our child.

    Here, we will look for small or medium sized soft toys, easy to grab for clumsy little hands.

    We obviously want softness: the classic plush fabric is very soft, but we can prefer for a blanket a knitted woolen envelope, both very soft and very aesthetic, with a “handmade” side of the most beautiful effect. We will favor soft colors, in pastel or neutral tones. This will contribute to the calming effect of your unicorn blanket. Finally, remember to look at the small practical details: for example an integrated ring will be practical to take your unicorn blanket everywhere without losing it, well hanging on the stroller or at the car seat. Likewise, some soft toys have a little bell in the body that will tinkle nicely when the soft toy is shaken. If you buy the blanket before the birth and you do tinkle the plush near your belly, your baby will surely recognize the sound once born, and it will help him to reassure himself and calm down even more quickly for a sleep populated by rainbow dreams.

  • A soft and adorable unicorn plush toy for a nursery

    Even though unicorn soft toys are made to entertain little ones, they are real decorative accessories. No more closed toy boxes! Long live the Unicorn Plush decoration! For a bright and calming newborn bedroom, light colors, such as pink or white, and pastel tones are ideal. Why shouldn't the unicorn become the inspiration for the decoration of the nursery ?!

  • I adopt Agnes' cuddly toy in Moi Moche et Méchant

    This stuffed toy appeared in the movie Moche et Méchant. Agnes is a fan of unicorns and dreams of finding a real one. In the meantime, she won a cute white unicorn plush toy at the fun fair. Find this famous plush unicorn "minion".

    Agnes' stuffed animal appears in all three films of the Me, Moche and Méchant series, but in the final installment of the saga, she sells her stuffed unicorn to support her family. A real heartbreak for the viewer :-( We understand that this Minion plush appeals so much to children, especially to little girls who will thus identify with the little heroine and imagine themselves sharing her crazy adventures. In addition, this unicorn is soft and has a funny look. In short, everything to please. Do not wait any longer to find all our minions cuddly toys! And our Ugly and Naughty Me cushion !