Unicorn dresses

  • Ready to rock unicorn with a summer outfit ?!
  • An elegant summer dress for girls and women

    The dress is a classic of the feminine wardrobe. This one can be worn in any season. Summer dresses for girls or women will sublimate the silhouette and allow you to enjoy the summer heat. The fluidity of the materials can be important and the spring motifs can be appreciated.

    Diversity of materials and shapes for a unicorn dress

    Finesse and elegance but always a unicorn dress. A universe of outfits between ruffles, straps, puffy styles, with gathers or Peter Pan collar. Long live the diversity of patterns and colors for a unique dress. Floral models, pastel or bright colors. Perfect the world of the unicorn goes beyond pink and rainbows. Depending on the silhouette, choose a straight cut or one that marks the waist. For the summer, several models discover the shoulders. A good alternative, unicorn skirts. To diversify, alternate dresses above the knee or bohemian dresses. 

    Long live unicorn fashion. To each their own unicorn dress!

    For girls or adults, a choice of modern or retro style dresses. The models go for a glamorous look with strapless dresses or princess styles. Pyramid morphologies with narrow shoulders and wide hips, can adopt princess or puffy dresses. Androgynous figures will love short shirt dresses. They value long legs. 

A unicorn.