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Costume unicorn headbands and headbands

unicorn headband

€8,50 EUR

unicorn headband

€8,50 EUR
  • To complete your party outfit, find the accessory you need from our wide selection of costume headbands and unicorn headbands for girls and women.
  • Huge selection of unicorn accessories for children and adults

    For unicorn fanatics, every detail counts, even the accessories that complete your outfit! In addition to being comfortable, unicorn headbands and headbands bring their touch of originality and are a way to personalize your costume. We all know it, this magical animal is obviously very popular in child and adult disguises. At Une Licorne, we have done our best to find you the most coveted key accessories of the moment.

    Unicorn headbands and unicorn headbands with various themes

    Models suitable for all ages and corresponding to various precise and original themes are available to you in this large collection. In addition, you will also find a variety of styles. These various points allow us to say that there is really enough to feed all your expectations. 

    If you are looking for an accessory for a parade, a show, a birthday or to animate a disguised party, choose the luminous unicorn headband with integrated LEDs. Thanks to its twinkling lights, it is undoubtedly the favorite accessory of children. Worn most often in the dark you will be sure not to go unnoticed with it. And if you want to share it with a whole group of friends, children on the occasion of a birthday party, for example, then opt for this set of 12 sparkly unicorn headbands is rather recommended.

    If you are looking for an accessory to marry with a rather classy and dressy disguise, then the unicorn headband will be perfect. The latter is simple and elegant and comes with nine solid color choices. It is therefore easy to match with a wide choice of outfits. To accompany the ceremonial dresses, let yourself be tempted by the unicorn kids headbandlightly adorned with artificial flowers and sequins. As to unicorn cat headband et lace unicorn headband, they will go perfectly with a pretty princess dress thanks to their lace and sumptuous sequin details.

    If you are looking for an original accessory to enhance your hairstyle, headbands with fake hair are available at Une Licorne. The latter have smooth, long and colored false hair. What bring a note of fantasy to your hairstyle. We can quote the unicorn headband and ponytail, unicorn headband with fake hair or the unicorn headband with quilts.

    And if you are looking for an accessory to match with a beautiful wedding dress, choose between these two elements that revolve around marriage: the unicorn headband with train, le floral unicorn headband with train or an wig

  • Apart from costume headbands we also have unicorn costume headbands. Some are made with faux fur and have wide, thick bands. They look very cute. We can quote you the unicorn sequin headband and unicorn hair band for example. Others with thinner bands such as the unicorn adjustable headband and unicorn headband costume are designed with polyester material and are topped with a unicorn horn, two glitter cat ears and multicolored floral ornaments. 

    These accessories are aesthetic, practical and comfortable at the same time. They have a double objective: to decorate not only your hairstyle but also your outfit. In addition, they also guarantee excellent maintenance of your hair. Made with good quality materials, they do not wear out quickly. The various elements that serve as decorations placed on the main structure of the headbands are firmly fixed and resistant to shocks.