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Unicorn Blogs

All the news and discovery of the universe of the unicorn: Do unicorns exist, the unicorn and love, the names of unicorn soft toys and much more.

A collection of photos of unicorns throughout history. The unicorn has gone down in legend as one of the most mysterious and divine creatures. Unicorn stories continue over and over again in the Bible and in accounts from the Middle Ages.


Find plush ideas on video: a crochet unicorn tutorial, a scary plush or a giant unicorn. Videos and images for unicorn fans.
After choosing the unicorn, it's time to choose the name of the stuffed animal. Here are our tips and tricks for choosing the right name. After all, baby will see him as his future companion. Especially if this plush becomes the favorite blanket.

How to draw a unicorn or make a unicorn cake. Many ideas for activities with children. Try your first unicorn costume handmade.

There is a sewing tutorial to make a unicorn costume for adults or children. Video and boss in links.

Unicorns who dab have invaded our daily lives to bring us a dose of "cool attitude" and self-confidence. A very common activity is to easily draw unicorns that dab by coloring one by one of the small squares that will form the pattern: this is Pixel Art. In addition to the result obtained, it is a very relaxing pastime for children and adults. Concentrated only on coloring, the mind rests and relaxes. A healthy activity for the whole family. In addition, Pixel Art requires inexpensive materials that are easily found in any store: small squares and felt-tip pens or colored pencils. Drawing dab unicorns in pixel art will be the perfect activity for a rainy Wednesday! 

Origami is the art of paper folding. It is a Japanese tradition that has arrived in the West. This art is one of the oldest popular arts which actually has its source in ChinaFind here unicorn origami tutorials and several topics around this activity.