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Kawaii unicorn plate

Kawaii unicorn plate. A set of 6 blue disposable flat plates decorated with a beautiful unicorn with a multicolored mane placed in the center of each plate.

Rich in color, these kawaii unicorn plates are designed with a flexible and solid paper. They are ideal for festive events of all kinds: birthdays, barbecues or to go on a picnic.

  • Shape: flat, round
  • Rigid, flexible, thin, light
  • Occasion: birthday, barbecue, party
  • Dimension: 23 cm of diameter
  • Disposable
  • Not microwave or oven safe
  • Excellent hold

A set of 6 round and flat plates with bright colors and a beautiful unicorn with a purplish mane that adorns the middle of each plate.

This set of 6 flat and round plates 23 cm in diameter will decorate your table thanks to its striking colours. Made with high quality card stock, they have the characteristic of being rigid, light and decorative.

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