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unicorn wig multicolor

Unicorn multicolor wig for a stunning look with this multicolor electric hair. 

Rather than dyeing your hair, opt for this unicorn wig , all done. A risk-free transformation that is done in minutes.

  • Material: high temperature fiber
  • Style:Cosplay
  • side bangs
  • fake straight hair
  • Long degraded cut
  • Three different shades
  • Cat's ears
  • unicorn horn 
  • Solid fixing
  • Length below chest
  • Cup size: Average size
  • Shiny and radiant appearance
  • Maintenance: no frequent washing. Clean in cold water with a little mild shampoo. Then rinse with cold water, pat dry with a towel and hang to dry naturally. 

Let yourself be seduced by this multicolored unicorn hairpiece to wear strong colors to your look.

This tricolor wig is made up of false long hair smooth. She's got one long cut et degradedand is equipped with a Hardy bangsswept aside. The type of bangs that will rejuvenate you and bring softness to your look. It's a wig including 3 shades different. Colours dazzlinget tart. The bangs are orange and the entire upper part of the hair is turquoise blue. At the back, the locks and tips are purple. Remember to flatten your own hair before putting it on. Regarding the length, it goes almost to the level of the chest.

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