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Set of 4 unicorn coin boxes

Set of 4 unicorn coin boxes, a pack that you can give to your children or grandchildren for Christmas or for any other occasion.

This set of 4 unicorn coin boxes consists of 4 cylindrical metal piggy banks in different colors with distinct patterns. A set of useful and decorative accessories at the same time. 

  • Material: iron
  • Set of 4 multicolored piggy banks
  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Big capacity
  • Impeccable finish 
  • Durable
  • Dimensions: 8,5 * 10 cm

Set of 4 piggy banks with unicorn prints to share between brothers and sisters or between a group of friends!

This set of 4 unicorn coin boxes is perfect for large families. A 4-in-1 pack that will allow each child to choose their own piggy bank according to their taste. Blue or pink, pastel or colourful, the choice is there!