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Unicorn headband and ponytail

Unicorn headband and ponytail for the most original hairstyle.

Ce unicorn headband and ponytail is a 2 in 1 accessory. An exceptional design that perfectly exudes the spirit of the unicorn world thanks to its rainbow color.

  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Rainbow Braided Wig
  • Serrated inner face
  • Multicolored artificial flowers
  • Cat's ears
  • Solid fixing
  • Comfortable

This unicorn headband with multicolored braided ponytail will give you a remarkable hairstyle.

Headband designed in synthetic leather with ponytail and non-slip interior for guaranteed good support. It has a half hoop surmounted by a unicorn horn, a pair of cat ears and a crown of flowers in relief made with fabric. On the entirety of its outer face is fixed a braid of multicolored hair which ends in a long ponytail on one side of the half-hoop. This headband will enhance not only your hairstyle but also your outfit.

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