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Minnie unicorn headband

Minnie unicorn headband is the combination of two elements: it is a mix of one of Walt Disney's famous characters mixed with the famous animal that all little girls appreciate.

Ce minnie unicorn headband stands out for its beautiful design and shiny appearance. 

  • Plastic material
  • sequins
  • Bow tie
  • Serrated inner face
  • Solid fixing
  • Comfortable

This unicorn minnie headband will make all the princesses slip under the skin of their favorite fictional characters.

This headband is topped with two ears and Minnie's bow tie accompanied by a unicorn horn. It is a hair accessory covered with Sequinsthat many will surely love. In terms of aesthetics: its concept neighborhoods, are the styleand colourswill meet your expectations. But that's not all, it still has other major advantages because the flexibility, solidityand the lightness of its half hoop guarantees maximum comfort

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