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How to Draw a Stuffed Unicorn

by Maxime Blanchemin on October 07, 2019

Drawing plush unicorn

Do you dream of knowing how to draw a unicorn in kawaii style resembling a cute plush? We will see together the different steps to know how to draw this type of unicorns.

A unicorn with a kawaii look in the shape of a plush. An ideal drawing for beginners.

This cute unicorn with big eyes, a small nose and a golden horn looks a lot like our Ty soft toys. This one is one of our best sellers thanks to its cute side.

A cute unicorn plush

I wanted to show you the brightest stuffed animal: the unicorn plush in sequins. These soft toys are covered with reversible sequins. So when you pass your hand over the unicorn, it changes color.

 red sequins unicorn plushRed sequin unicorn plushpink shiny unicorn plush


How to learn and draw a plush unicorn

This drawing is quite easy to achieve. Just follow our advice.

  • Train with a pencil
  • Repeat several times the same drawing
  • Share this moment with your child : each a sheet and a pencil!
  • Prefer images to the video. Indeed, these detail each line to achieve. The video is nice but requires a click to pause. Simply scroll through the article according to your progress in the drawing.


What equipment for this unicorn drawing?

Let's keep it simple for this drawing.

  • A white A4 sheet (cardboard sheet if you want to keep the drawing)
  • A pencil.
  • A black marker (option). If the outlines of the unicorn are okay with you, use your felt tip pen to mark the design. Then proceed to coloring.
  • Eraser.
  • A pencil sharpener.
  • Colored pencils or markers.


Stuffed Unicorn Drawing Tutorial

You have 2 options: images or video. You already know my preference for pictures.


Your sheet is arranged in "portrait" mode.

Draw the muzzle of the unicorn

Start with an oval shape that draws the nostrils and the mouth of the unicorn. Draw this one in the middle of the sheet. 2 black dots for the nostrils and a line for the smile.

draw the nose and mouth in the middle of the sheet


Draw the eyes of the unicorn soft toy

Make 2 slightly flattened circles. They touch the muzzle of the unicorn. Then add 2 circles of different sizes inside the eyes. Then a line at the bottom of the eyes. Now you can color the fundus of the eyes black.

Kawaii unicorn plush eyes drawing

detail of the eye 2 circlesblack coloring of the eye fundus


Draw the head of the soft toy and the horn of the unicorn

The head of the plush is round in shape and slightly flattened at the bottom. Before closing the circle on the top, draw the horn. This is an upturned cone.

unicorn head outlinehorn drawing

draw the lines of the curves of the hornthe contours of the head of the unicorn are finished


The ears of the plush

The ears are formed with 2 rounded triangles. Add an extra stroke inside to create relief.

the plush's ear is drawn with a simple rounded triangleline drawing unicorn ear plush

drawing of the 2 ears of the plush


Unicorn plush hair strand

Draw a wave passing behind the horn to make its mane stand out. Then add curves inside that follow that wave shape.

unicorn hair drawingTy plush unicorn mane design


Detail of eyelashes and eyebrows

Follow the drawing below with small strokes to bring the unicorn to life.

drawing of the eyelashes and eyebrows of the unicorn blanket

 unicorn pajamas

Draw the body and front legs

We start the line starting from the face of the animal. We descend the same length as the head. For the lower legs, you can use a line or an effect with small waves.

For the inside of the legs, try to be symmetrical based on the muzzle. The legs can be glued or slightly apart as in the drawing.

drawing of the front legs of the horn bench horse


For the drawing of the hooves, start with a line on the left then on the right. Then join the two ends.

unicorn hoof drawinghoof design


Drawing of the hind legs

Start with a curve that starts from the middle of the front leg. Then a flattened circle for the hoof. Add a line to simulate the underside of the hoof.

hind leg curveleft rear leg shoean additional line for the detail of the underside of the hooffinished clogs


Plush decoration

You can, for example, add a small heart or a star.

heart drawing on the plush chest


Unicorn tail drawing

Add the shape of the tail then the detail of the hairs by lines inside.

unicorn tail drawing


So easy?

Cute plush unicorn in easy drawing



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    All are very pretty.


  • malric laure
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    All are very pretty.


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