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Unicorn head drawing

by Maxime Blanchemin on Aug 19, 2019

unicorn head drawing tutorial with coloring

Easy drawing unicorn head. 

The unicorn is a magical creature. This imaginary creature lives in a rainbow and fantasy world. 

The designs of emoji or kawaii unicorn heads are often sought after. This one is easy to do. We love her for her long mane and her flirtatious side with her eyes closed.

How to draw a unicorn head

This tutorial includes pictures explaining the drawing step by step. 

Our source: how to draw a unicorn head

Drawing material 

  • Pencil
  • Service
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Black marker to mark the design
  • A white A4 sheet and lightly cardboard if you want to keep the drawing or display it


Unicorn heads for kids

Example of unicorn heads on une-licorne.com:

Sequins Unicorn Head Plush
Emoji unicorn head pillow
Unicorn Head Cushion Emoji Unicorn Head Cushion


Easy Unicorn Head Drawing

We recommend that you start with your pencil. When you are satisfied with your masterpiece, you can mark it with a pencil or black felt-tip pen. 

Repeat several times rather than trying another design.


Unicorn head drawing to print

Feel free to click on the drawing image and print this drawing tutorial.

unicorn head drawing to print

Draw the curves of the face in profile

Unicorn face drawing

Start your stroke at the top of the nose, at the hairline, and draw an avocado-like shape for the lower jawline. This will give you the unicorn nose and jawbone. You can use a uniform line, but you can vary the thickness of the line for more realism.


Draw the wick of the unicorn

Unicorn hair drawing

This unicorn design features a long mane. The idea is to keep some form of movement of the hairs. When drawing the bangs, think of a wave crashing on the beach. It's a sweeping motion combined with spikes in the unicorn's hair.


Draw the horn of our mystical animal

unicorn head horn drawing

The easiest way to draw the detail of the unicorn's horn is to draw a long, pointed cone, filled with diagonal lines. This in order to give the image of a spiral. For an even more successful effect, just draw the horn segment by segment. We find each part with the rounded middle and pointed ends.


Draw the neck and throat

unicorn neck and nape drawing 

The nape of the neck begins at the level of the fringe and descends in an arc of a circle well beyond the jawline. The front of the neck is just a short line.


Draw the unicorn mane

Unicorn head mane drawing

The right part of the mane follows the shape you drew for the neck. It is bigger and more "rounded". Start from the horn. On the top, draw a wave-like crest like for the bangs, then work your way down to the bottom, finishing your arch in a point.

At the throat, draw a second hook-shaped line that connects to the first line. This creates a curly section of hair.

Start a third line that connects to the section of hair and sweeps down to a point. Bring yourself back up until you reach the unicorn's shoulder. If you draw these lines well, the mane will appear to slide down the unicorn's neck and break over its shoulder.


Draw the eyelashes, eyebrows, nose and hair of the unicorn

drawing eyelashes eyebrows nose unicorn head

Draw an arc for the closed eye of the unicorn and short lines for the eyelashes. Draw an eyebrow with a thicker stroke. Next, draw close nostrils with large, rather oval dots. Finally, draw lines in the hair following the outer curves.

One advantage, you don't need to draw the ears.


Unicorn Head Coloring

unicorn head coloring page

Finish your drawing of the unicorn according to your taste. Color the face a different color to the mane. For shadows and more realistic effects, use darker colors. Imagine where the light would come from and therefore the shadow effects.

A CRainbow unicorn coloring will also fit perfectly into the theme. To do this, use color gradients on the horn or the mane.

And here is a superb drawing of the head of a kawaii unicorn.


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